Mash up image of Kyrgyzstan’s Opera Ballet Theatre in Bishkek, 2013 vs 1956. Image taken from Was the state opera house director using his head or selling the country’s soul when he allowed computer game-playing millennials to invade Kyrgyzstan’s most famous cultural venue for a day? Kyrgyz authorities tookRead More →

A screenshot taken from a YouTube video showing Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams as she begins her floor routine during the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. When people talk sports in Trinidad and Tobago, football or cricket typically dominate the conversation — but in February 2016, all anyone couldRead More →

Author’s mashup. Images: Wikimedia Commons and a screenshot from 9Honey video Cricket Australia, the national governing body for cricket in Australia, is facing public controversy for sacking female employee Angela Williamson after she criticized local abortion policies on Twitter. Representatives of Cricket Australia claim that Williamson’s tweets damaged their relationship withRead More →

Parkour in Afghanistan. All photos used with permission of Abdul Jamil Sherzad. Parkour, a form of urban acrobatics born in France, has found a welcome home in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. There, in a city that has known no shortage of violence and upheaval, a super-flexible youth collective isRead More →

A collage of the Croatia national team surrounded by flags of other ex-Yugoslavia countries was posted on Facebook along with a list of things that connect them. The post, titled “Here’s why all former Yugoslavia should support Croatia”, received over 10K reactions and 6K shares. Image by Stefan Simić, fromRead More →

Rashid Khan. Image posed on his official Facebook account. A young Afghan cricketer has won unprecedented recognition after being selected by the sports network ESPN for its All-Time T20 International Cricket XI, a kind of hall of fame for the best performers in an exciting, fast-paced version of the sport.Read More →