Francis Ngannou, a heavyweight championship fighter from Cameroon, heads to the big screen. The photo was taken in 2017 by X2o via Wikimedia Commons CC BY 4.0. As a sand quarry worker 20 years ago in his native Batié, in western Cameroon, Francis Ngannou did not know he would oneRead More →

YouTube screengrab of Bruno Fernando, A Bola TV/Youtube The 21-year-old Angolan basketball player Bruno Fernando became the first of his country to join an NBA team, USA’s professional basketball league. On the morning of 20 June, the player was chosen for position 34 in the Philadelphia 76ers through the player selectionRead More →

Maracanã stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, shortly before the Peru versus Bolivia match. Photo by Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil, reproduction allowed with attribution. While some of the world’s best football players are on the field, TV cameras show thousands of empty seats in the Brazilian stadiums hosting this year’s Copa America,Read More →

Screenshot from “Playing Against Patriarchy: Muslim Girls own the ‘Male Space’ by Playing Football” video. This post was written by Grace Jolliffe and originally appeared on Video Volunteers, an award-winning international community media organisation based in India. A slightly edited version is published below as part of a content-sharing agreement.Read More →

Kami Rita Sherpa holds the record of climbing Everest 24 times, the most by any individual. Image from the Facebook page of Seven Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd. Used with permission. Climbing Mount Everest is on every adrenaline junkie’s wishlist, but Everest summiteer Kami Rita Sherpa has checked this off his list aRead More →