Parkour in Afghanistan. All photos used with permission of Abdul Jamil Sherzad. Parkour, a form of urban acrobatics born in France, has found a welcome home in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. There, in a city that has known no shortage of violence and upheaval, a super-flexible youth collective isRead More →

A collage of the Croatia national team surrounded by flags of other ex-Yugoslavia countries was posted on Facebook along with a list of things that connect them. The post, titled “Here’s why all former Yugoslavia should support Croatia”, received over 10K reactions and 6K shares. Image by Stefan Simić, fromRead More →

Rashid Khan. Image posed on his official Facebook account. A young Afghan cricketer has won unprecedented recognition after being selected by the sports network ESPN for its All-Time T20 International Cricket XI, a kind of hall of fame for the best performers in an exciting, fast-paced version of the sport.Read More →