Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Mascots “Olympic Mascot” (L) and “Paralympic Mascot” (R). Screencap from Tokyo 2020 official YouTube channel. Japan loves a mascot. Perhaps the most famous is Kumamon (くまモン), the bear that is Kumamoto Prefecture’s mascot, who became even more popular after the series of earthquakes that besetRead More →

Nigeria Team at the opening ceremony of the Games – Public Domain African countries who participate in the Winter Olympics face major hurdles to participation. Weather conditions, lack of funding and the unpopularity of winter sports are all obstacles for those looking to participate in the games at the OlympicRead More →

Basra International Stadium, Basra, Iraq. Photo by Yesar Al-Maleki via Wikimedia (CC BY 3.0) Iraq hosted a football match against Saudi Arabia for the first time in nearly four decades. The friendly match between the two national teams took place in the southern city of Basra with an attendance ofRead More →